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How to Identify a fake watch

1. Listen for ticking. This is one of the biggest indicators that a watch is a fake. A high quality designer watch is built with hundreds of small, perfectly crafted moving parts. Therefore, it won’t tick at all. To test this, hold the body of the watch against your ear and listen closely.

2. Look for obvious mistakes. High quality designer watches are made using very strict quality standards. Therefore, any peeling paint, scratches, or misspelled words will indicate that the watch is an obvious fake. Additionally, if the clasp of the watch doesn’t close properly or the watch doesn’t keep time well, it’s a fake.
3. Examine the quality of the lettering. Genuine designer watches are crafted by master watchmakers. These watchmakers use precise engraving instruments to create clear, legible lettering on the watch. If any of the lettering is muddled or hard to read, the watch is probably a fake.
4. Feel the weight of the watch. A genuine designer watch is crafted with precious metals and has a lot of small moving parts. Therefore, it will feel slightly heavier than it looks. However, if the watch is fake, it will be surprisingly light.
1.听听滴答声。 这是手表假货的最大指标之一。 高品质的设计师手表由数百个小巧精致的移动部件构成。 因此,它根本不会打勾。 为了测试这一点,请将手表的主体靠在耳朵上并仔细聆听。
2.寻找明显的错误。 高品质的设计师手表采用非常严格的质量标准制造。 因此,任何剥落的油漆,划痕或拼写错误的单词都表明手表是明显的假货。 此外,如果手表的表扣未正确关闭或手表没有保持良好的时间,那就是假的。
3.检查字母的质量。 真正的设计师手表由制表大师精心制作。 这些制表师使用精确的雕刻工具在手表上创造清晰易读的字体。 如果任何字母混淆或难以阅读,手表可能是假的。
4.感受手表的重量。 真正的设计师手表采用贵金属制成,并配有许多小型活动部件。 因此,它会比它看起来稍微重一些。 但是,如果手表是假的,它将是惊人的轻。